NeuroSpec News

Jan 2018
NeuroSpec 2.20 for adaptive spectral tracking for coherence estimation will be released Feb 2018.

July 2016
Version 2.11 released.
Includes conditional non parametric directionality analysis for three signals.

July 2016
Impact of changes in the MATLAB graphics system. See the entry on the FAQ page.

Update: Update for Type 2 plotting released 12 July 2016.
Download available on home page, version 2.01 zip/pdf files.

May 2016
NeuroSpec 2.11 for conditional non parametric directionality analysis will be released on 1 July 2016.

14 July 2015
User guide and web page updated to include published article on non parametric directionality analysis.

08 June 2015
Version 2.1 released.
Includes non parametric directionality analysis.

May 2015
NeuroSpec 2.1 for non parametric directionality analysis will be available from Jun 2015.

Update: Release date set for 8 June 2015.

March 2009
NeuroSpec uploaded to MATLAB Central.
Thanks for posted comments.

Update September 2009:
Withdrawn from MATLAB Central due to differences in licensing.
NeuroSpec 1.0 and NeuroSpec 2.0 are licensed under GNU GPL, which guarantees freedom of use.

29 February 2008
Version 2.0 released

22 November 2002
Website established and version 1.0 released

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Last updated 15 January 2018